What Is GMP for the Cannabis Industry?

GMP standards and principles are very common in the Pharmaceutical, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and medical devices industries. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and its main challenge is to build quality into the product as part of all manufacturing processes. This begins with acquiring raw material, through to processing, manufacturing, and purification until the safe and high-quality product is on the market with an approved shelf life. A product with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification will be considered superior in its category and stand out against the competition.

The Cannabis plant’s health benefits over history and more so in the last few decades is very impressive indeed. Clinical studies and data analysis of cannabis patients demonstrate great potential for intensive and promising industry growth. Since Medical Cannabis is used to treat patients, it could pose a risk for their health and safety, and should, therefore, comply with the relevant GxP standards and other quality assurance regulations. Some countries are still more GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulated regarding Cannabis than others, but surely, in order to facilitate success in the future world of Cannabis, one will eventually have to brand their Cannabis products  ‘GMP certified’. The value of GMP certification should not be underestimated. The gap between a dry cannabis flower or extract to high quality, safe, and consistent pharma-grade cannabis products is huge. Today’s Cannabis industry is evolving from a local to a global one, and it’s reasonable to assume that the cannabis-specific GMP regulations will be based on pre-existing GMP and Quality Management System principles and methodologies.

Which Parts of the Cannabis Production Chain Is GMP Certification Relevant For?

The scope of Good Manufacturing Practices in terms of Cannabis begins from post-harvest stages such as trimming, drying and storage and continues to cannabis products manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. The establishment of an effective quality system with GMP training and assimilation in the Cannabis industry will ensure that the products are safe for medical use and have the efficacy, potency, purity, and uniformity levels necessary to treat patients effectively.

GMP implementation in the cannabis industry is relevant for:

  • Post-harvest
  • Material management
  • Testing and analysis methods
  • Buildings & Facilities
  • Systems, machinery, and equipment
  • Controls
  • Manufacture and processing
  • Packaging
  • Storage
  • Records and documentation
  • Transportation

What Other Good Practices Are Relevant to the Cannabis Industry?

Besides GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), there are other good practices that will be part of the future cannabis industry. Good Practices such as Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Good Agriculture Practices (GAP), Good Distribution Practices (GDP), Good Security Practices (GSP) as well as many more, which are generally defined as GxP.

How Can GMP Increase Your Cannabis Products’ Market Demand?

GMP will give added value for Cannabis product manufacturers in the following areas:

  • Product safety – Your cannabis products will be safe for human use.
  • Business sustainability – A high-quality product that complies with international quality regulation and standards will dominate your market position, improve the financial bottom line and sustain your business.
  • Reduce product rejections – The implementation of an effective quality management system, GMP and validation will improve procedure and process results and increase process yields.
  • Improve cannabis products efficacy – Patients who use your products will receive the same product with identical concentration and other product release specifications just like normal medicinal products.
  • Support product brand – Your product will be branded based on your regulatory status and quality level. These product brands will have a comparative advantage relative to others.
  • Wholesale and pharmacies- You need GMP certification in order to sell your products in pharmacies and wholesalers.
  • Export- Will allow you to sell your products to new Cannabis regulated markets
  • It will enable you to develop and produce new cannabis-based products or Cannabis-Pharmaceutical and Cannabis neutraceutical products.

About Cannabis GxP consultancy

Cannabis GXP is proud to stand at the forefront of the Cannabis industry in Israel and worldwide thanks to many years of experience in these areas.

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Cannabis GxP is a subsidiary company of Bio-Chem Ltd. (2007), a consultancy firm for the Pharmaceutical field, medical devices, Cosmetics and food supplements industry based in Israel.

Our cannabis consultancy services include:

  • Product development, delivery system & clinical trials
  • Growing, Manufacturing and Lab Facilities Design
  • Quality Assurance and Good Practices (GxP)
  • Cultivation & Product Manufacturing Technology
  • New product Regulations and Submissions
  • Qualification & Validation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Staff training

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