Medimor (formerly “Galtronics”) was mold injection, antennas and SMT global manufacturer who strategically decided to totally change its business activity into the medical device industry as an international contract manufacturer and medical device designer.

Cannabis GXP led Medimor in the entire transformation process from antenna manufacturer to one of the leading Israeli medical device contract manufacturer in Israel. As part of the project, the existing facility was totally re-designed and reconstructed to be including clean rooms, controlled facility, new utilities, new medical devices plastic molding, assembly and manufacturing technology. Existing and new machinery were purchased and validated and a new quality system was built and employees were trained accordingly. Medimor passed ISO 13485 and FDA audits successfully. As part of its business strategy, Medimor expanded its business activity to the Cannabis industry and became the contract manufacturer of an international company that developed a unique medical vaporizer that delivers to the patient an accurate cannabinoids dose in a consistent manner. The vaporizer body plastic injection, assembly and cassette filled with cannabis product and packaging have been conducted in Medimor facility and the product is now being sold globally.