Gemmacertis an Israeli startup company which participate in technology breakthrough at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem with Prof. Oded Shosaiv lab that developed a patented portable technology for Cannabinoids quantative validated assay method and reliable composition and potency readings, without damaging the cannabis flowers or altering their efficacy and commercial value. The unique analysis device will be operated by cannabis growers, dispensaries, labs and home users and will supply an accurate analysis of cannabinoids content in the cannabis flowers as well as full traceability and big data analysis for the therapeutic effect for the end user.

The company established a R&D laboratory and as part of its global business strategy and quality assurance, quality control and data integrity were a top priority. The company decided to improve its documentation and analysis capabilities and to establish an organized and effective quality system and to have ISO 17025 certification.  Cannabis GXP project included SOPs, policies, protocols and other controlled documents writing and approval, employees training for several quality related areas. The company passed the ISO 17025 certification successfully and began selling its unique analytical devices globally.