From Concept to Product

“Existing players”

Although in existence for several decades, the Cannabis industry is changing. More and more scientific facts, clinical research, studies and impressive statistic-based information is being published regularly,. Besides the fact that more and more countries are legalizing cannabis, many countries all over the world are enabling more and more patients to use cannabis products including the non-psychoactive ones, such as CBD.

As a result of this, new/updated regulatory requirements such as GPP, GMP and GDP are adopted by the relevant/local regulation bodies to enable patients and users to have safe, effective, consistent access to pure cannabis products. Due to the constantly growing demand for cannabis products, local cannabis companies capacity and/or quality are in most cases insufficient and as a result, the cannabis world is becoming more “global” and as such, only high quality GMP certified products can be sold worldwide and in a large quantities.

Doing the same things you used to do is the opposite of long term thinking in the future cannabis industry.

There are plenty of novel cannabis products and delivery systems that can be developed, new manufacturing technologies that can increase your manufacturing capacities, yield, cost and quality.

You want your cannabis products to be of pharma-grade quality as well as being branded and distinguished from the others in order to boost sales and profit margins.

Every regulatory obstacle can become an opportunity, allowing you to become better.But you have to be ready for the changes in the future cannabis industry and to act accordingly, faster, smarter and with less expense in comparison to the others.

“New players”

We hear daily about the great developments and breakthroughs in the global cannabis industry. The world is becoming “greener” every day and you do not want to miss your entry point to this amazing industry. If you have gained experience and skills from other industries you may leverage this within the world of cannabis.

Currently, the cannabis industries offer many business opportunities for existing players as well as for new ones. Those who take action on time and do it right will surely be the ones to succeed.

In order to enter this industry properly, you have to gain professional skills and knowledge. Combined with a fresh attitude gained from other business activities or agriculture/industrial projects, long-term planning with the right resources is the key to success.

Quality & Regulation

  • Current regulatory status and requirements review (local&export)

  • Potential buildings checking & recommendations

  • Manufacturing facility construction process inspection

  • GMP, GDP, ISO and QMS systems basis establishment

  • Facility and infrastructure systems testing and qualifications

  • Quality and Operational Management System establishment (GMP, GDP, ISO)

  • Validation protocols writing

  • GMP, GDP and Quality Employees training

  • Manufacturing instructions writing

  • Validation execution

  • Employees hiring process and training

  • Regulatory Mock Audits

  • Phase I products batches manufacturing and parameters optimizations

  • Phase I products batches physical, analytical, chemical and microbial testing

  • Manufacturing processes improvements and manufacturing instructions updates

  • Manufacturing processes validation

  • Final product release specifications, label and leaflet definition and design

  • Final product stability study and shelf life determination

  • Mock Audit towards external regulatory audit

  • Audit gaps closing, employees training

  • External regulatory audit escort

  • QC laboratory design, equipment, procedures and training*

Technology & Engineering

  • Project overall Risk Assessment

  • Products definitions (phase I, phase II, development)

  • Manufacturing facility conceptual design

  • Project Basis of Design document writing and approval

  • Facility conceptual design regulatory pre-approval

  • Manufacturing technologies comparison and choosing

  • Manufacturing facility detailed design

  • Constructors bidding and negotiation process escort

  • Constructors agreement writing

  • Full service, technical and process support

  • Pharma-grade products development

  • Clinical trials

  • APIs development

Business & Efficiency

  • Business goals set up

  • Project budget, business plan and time lines

  • Process and laboratory machinery and system purchasing

  • ERP, control and monitoring system purchasing

  • Final product package design and branding

  • Phase I products marketing

  • Phase II products development

  • Manufacturing processes cost reduction and yield improvements

Our Stats

From Facility concept to final product approval 100%
Pharma-Grade Quality for Your Brand 100%
Novel Cannabis Product Development Capabilities 100%
Unified Project Management Methodology 100%
Full GAP/GMP/GDP Readiness 100%
Complete Client Confidentiality Assured 100%

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