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Reinventing Cannabis Commerce

The therapeutic potential of the Cannabis plant is enormous. It has been cultivated and used thousands of years, and was found beneficial for several medical and mental conditions.

The Cannabis plant contain hundreds of different compounds, that part of them were proven medically and part haven’t, in addition to endless combinations between them. The therapeutic potential is endless and requires research and development capabilities, pre clinical and clinical trials and big data analysis.

Part of the R&D in the cannabis industry relays on other equivalent research, development and analysis methods and models, mostly from the Pharmaceutical and Medical techniques, methodologies and platforms.

In Israel, based in Bio-Med and Agri-Med vast experience and innovation, Cannabis for medical use is being researched for many years. Besides Prof. Mechulam scientific breakthroughs in the 60s, the cannabis plant and materials are being researched constantly the academic, hospitals, research organizations and company. It Israel there are over 40,000 patients being treated by cannabis products and monitored accordingly and in addition, dozens of clinical trials per year are being taken.

Every research and development in the cannabis industry will hopefully end up in a pharma-grade product that will be used by humans and as such, it should be standardized and controlled and follow GLP requirements.

In addition, as new regulatory requirements are being published and adopted worldwide and there should be a Quality Control facility and capabilities in order to assure that the cannabis flowers and cannabis products meet release specifications. The cannabis flowers that are safe and high quality are becoming a “must”. New cannabis products are being developed and tested. Currently, not all the cannanbis growers and manufacturers are capable of building these capabilities quality control and analysis capabilities in-house.

Cannabis GXP can support your company with access to novel discoveries, products and technologies in the Cannabis industry. We can also design your laboratory, find you the best analysis equipments, validate your analysis methods and build your Quality Management and Operation system that will be certify your lab for GLP and/or ISO 17025.

Clinical & Regulation

  • GLP, ISO 17025 and QMS systems basis establishment

  • Laboratory infrastructure systems testing and qualifications

  • Laboratory equipment and system purchasing

  • Control and monitoring system purchasing

  • Quality and Operational Management System establishment (GLP, ISO)

  • Validation protocols writing

  • Employees training

  • Development and analysis methods protocols writing

  • Equipment and analysis methods Validation execution

  • Employees hiring process and training

  • Regulatory Mock Audits

  • Mock Audit towards external regulatory audit

  • Audit gaps closing, employees training

  • External regulatory audit escort

  • Clinical trial protocol writing

  • Clinical trials

  • Clinical data analysis & management

QC Testing

  • R&D and QC processes cost reduction and improvements

  • Full service, technical and process support

  • Pharma-grade products development

  • Cannabinoids novel delivery systems

Innovation & Business

  • Project overall Risk Assessment

  • Technology, research & analysis capabilities definition

  • Potential buildings checking & recommendations

  • Laboratory conceptual design

  • Project Basis of Design document writing and approval

  • Technologies comparison and choosing

  • Project budget, business plan and time lines

  • Constructors bidding and negotiation process escort

  • Constructors agreement writing

  • Laboratory construction process inspection

Our Stats

From Facility concept to final product approval 100%
Pharma-Grade Quality for Your Brand 100%
Novel Cannabis Product Development Capabilities 100%
Unified Project Management Methodology 100%
Full GAP/GMP/GDP Readiness 100%
Complete Client Confidentiality Assured 100%

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