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Accessibility Statement
We Offer Equal Access for Everyone

Cannabis GXP understands the importance of providing quality service and equitable for all customers and users, we are making efforts to improve our website accessibility.

It should be noted that in spite of our efforts to increase the accessibility to all pages on the site, we still have parts or objects that are not accessible yet. We will continue our efforts to improve the site as part of our commitment to allow its use for the general population including people with disabilities.

An accessible site is available, convenient and friendly to use for people with hands disabilities or impaired vision and cognition.

Means of Accessibility at the Site


The site is supported by standard browsers.

Site Content

Site Content is written in a simple, clear and obvious in regard to maintaining a professional and appropriate language field in which we are engaged.

Website Design

The site was designed with an awareness and experience to fit users and customers with visual impairments, but it is clear to us that not all objects support and fully accessible.

Building site

Convenient site navigation, clear and makes use of menus that allow easy orientation, simple and fast site.

Zooming in on site

Users who have difficulty seeing and want to zoom in on the site can do so by pressing simultaneously Ctrl “+” (Control and Plus). Each click on a pair of these keyboards will zoom in. To zoom out, press simultaneously Ctrl “-” (Control and minus). Another option to zoom is enabled through the buttons increase/reduction of text that are accessible over the menu on the left.

Contrast Site

The site color contrast can be changed/reset through the accessibility menu on the upper left.

Using headers and tags

Use headings and ALT tags – site uses hierarchical titles and ALT tags.

Using the video

Video embedded in the site contains matching subtitles

Public Inquiries

If you encounter a problem with the site, please report the problem using the Contact Us form, accessible from the top menu or by using the contact page or the contact form on this page on the top right or directly to Eran Yona by email: [email protected]

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