Straight from the Source

Yinon Cohavy

General Manager, BOL manufacturing

“Eran was hired by our company for the scale up of an innovative extraction process for cannabis. He has shown expertise in the field of process design and meeting GMP criteria, delivered on time in a tight timetable, and was always willing to put the extra effort to meet the company goals. I recommend his services to any company looking for an honest expert consulting.”

Aharon Lutzky

Tikun Olam CEO

“The company supplied consultancy services to Tikum-Olam in the fields of Cannabis growing and product manufacturing, quality assurance, validation, regulation, training, GMP, GAP, manufacturing technology, new medical cannabis GMP facility design and project management. Eran and his team did a fantastic job. They are service oriented, professional and worked in high standard. I am warmly recommend  Eran Yona and his team for Medical grade cannabis consultancy.”

Roni Attali

VP Research and Compliance, GemmaCert

“I’d like to highly recommend Cannabis GXP (lead by Eran Yona). We’ve been working with the company for several months now on obtaining an ISO 17025 certification for our analytical cannabis laboratory. They’ve been extremely dedicated, professional, efficient, and pleasant to work with. The team at Cannabis GXP has greatly simplified the entire process for us, and has been meeting deadlines and keeping order in all aspects of the project.”

Yaron Haitovich

Projects manager

“Eran and the team at Cannabis GXP have consulted for us on GMP in our new cannabis indoor cultivation and manufacturing facility. The project included growing and manufacturing conceptual design based on GAP and GMP principles, design documentation, engineering diagrams, production technology, and GMP approval.”

Hovav Amram

Engineering Manager

“Eran Yona and his team is a very dedicated and committed to project tasks and challenges. They used their vast experience in Engineering and Regulation areas in the bio-pharmaceutical industry and created a significant value to the company.”

Ofer Sagi

QA Manager, Medimor

“Eran from Bio-Chem supported and Counseled Medimor Ltd. during transformation from antenna Manufacturer company named “Galtronics” to be a one of the leading Medical Device turnkey subcontractor in Israel. The project included state of the art clean rooms facility design and inspection, qualifications and GMP training.
I enjoyed working with Eran and Bio-Chem team. They performed excellent professional work and were very committed to the project with the highest standards a customer can ask for.
Eran and Bio-Chem Completed the project tasks in satisfactory quality level and in a timely manner”

Dr. Shimon Amsalem

Space Pharma SA CSO

“I enjoyed working with Eran Yona and his team. They performed excellent professional work while complying with the experimental plans defined at the beginning of the various projects, submitting the products of the projects on time, in a large number of production process and engineering processes”

Dr. Gali Gozkevich


“We used the services of the company to carry out GMP inspection at one of Teva’s production sites, and the inspection was performed very professionally by the company team. The Quality&GMP auditor was professional and experienced. The GMP audit was conducted in a thorough and practical manner. Thank you!”

Georgy Laskov

QP at Zoetis

“Eran performed GMP and ISO audits to our contractors. We got excellent performance, professionalism and customer orientation. It

would be a pleasure to work with Eran again on any future project”

Alice Cohen

QA Manager

“Eran and his team escort our company for several years, mostly on GMP, Quality System inspections, Quality Control and Validations.Project completed successfuly and supported our base business regulatory requirements as well as for leading our company to cosmetics OTC products manufacturing and export to the US market. Eran has proven high professional level”

Yaniv Menachem

QA Manager, Tikun Olam

Cannabis GXP has escorted us for two years in the areas of cultivation, development, regulation, quality, and production of cannabis products in Israel and abroad. Eran and the team have consistently demonstrated comprehensive knowledge and polished expertise throughout the projects. Thanks to their guidance, we’ve been able to meet goals and solve problems, particularly with regard to GAPGMP inspections and staff training. I therefore cordially recommend Cannabis GXP as a go-to consultancy firm for anything cannabis related.