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Privacy & Confidentiality Statement
Your Information is Safe with Us

Cannabis GXP understands the ethical significance and practical importance of client privacy and information security. Based on our vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry, working with “big pharma” organizations, we are enforced to keep high level of confidentiality and information securities.

In our track records of the past 12 years, not a single security/confidentially incident was reported.

We take strict measures to ensure that your information is protected at all times – employing data encryption algorithms, signing mutual non-disclosure agreements, hiring the right kind of people and never providing service to your competitors.

We are totally aware of the importance and methodologies of information security and safeguards. As part of the services we offer out client ISO 27001, ISO 27799 and HIPAA consultancy and certification.

  • We Safeguard Your Data
    Tangible documents containing sensitive information are kept in restricted-access safes at all times. Shredding machines are used when the situation calls for it. Local and online data is encrypted with password protection, with folders containing valuable files further encrypted individually. Important virtual documents are always sent in a secure manner. We do not store out electronic record in “cloud” services. Upon project completion, none of your data is retained. We guarantee discretion.

  • We Hand-Pick Our Team Members
    Working with sensitive information requires certain qualities, which are for the most part unrelated with an employee’s ability to perform well at their task. Cannabis GXP makes sure to run criminal background and credit checks on new candidates, conduct personality assessment tests to rule out radical views and impulsive behavior (among other undesired traits) on those who pass them, and sign meticulous confidentiality agreements with those found suitable. We are highly vigilant.

  • We Don’t Work with the Competition
    Nobody wants to lose their competitive edge, and information leakage can have disastrous effects in this respect. For this reason, Cannabis GXP purposefully limits itself to one client per territory. We play fair.

  • We Formulate Rigorous Contracts
    Don’t just take our word for it. When you choose to work with us, you do so under a detailed contract covering all the immediate and future aspects of the operation and specifying the exact terms for the interaction. We don’t leave loopholes, and have never suffered a contract breach. You’re in good hands

Cannabis GXP /Bio-Chem Ltd. has 12 years of fruitful experience in providing consultation. We have successfully upgraded and helped establish many companies (of which over 90% are returning clients), have never encountered privacy issues and will continue to do so. We look forward to providing you with the safest, most professional consultation available in the field.

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